Frequently Asked Questions

    Bid Credits

  • Why does it cost to participate in an auction?

  • Can I bid without having bid Credits?

  • How do I get bids?

  • Whats the difference between Normal, Bonus & Free Bids?

  • Where can I see my bidding history?

  • Can I select which bid type to use first?

  • Can I see how many bids I have spent in an auction?

  • How do I track auctions that I'm participating in?

  • If I bid on an auction and lose, do I get my bids back?

  • Is there a way to get free bids?

  • Lowest Unique Bid Auctions

  • How Do Lowest Unique Bid Auctions work?

  • How do i win on Lowest Unique Bid Auctions?

  • I won an auction, how do I pay?

  • Reveal Price Auctions

  • How Does Reveal Price Auctions work?

  • How long do I have if I press Show Price?

  • Shipping & Returns

  • When will I receive my item?

  • Can I get a refund on my Bids?

  • Order Status

  • Return Policy

  • International Shipping

  • How do I return Shipped item?

  • How do I return an electronically Shipped item?

  • My Account

  • Is there a subscription fee?

  • How do I change my password?

  • I forgot my password or username. What can I do?

  • How do I change my email or sms preferences?

  • Where can I see my bidding history?

  • How do I change my username?

  • How can I see the auctions I won?

  • Are multiple accounts allowed within the same household?

  • Miscellaneous

  • How can I pay?

  • Is 247Bids considered a lottery or gambling?

  • Security

  • Why I haven't received any emails?

  • What's the danger of fake, 'Phishing' or 'Spoofing' emails?

  • Security notice: Don't share your password via email or phone.

  • I received an email that seems suspicious. What should I do?

  • How do I recognize a fake email about a request for payment?

  • Technical Problems

  • Recommended PC Requirements

  • How do I activate cookies?

  • I'm using an AOL browser and it's not letting me bid.

  • What happens if there’s downtime or an auction pauses?

  • Why hasn't my bid registered on an auction?


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