Site Rules



  1. Only one account is allowed per person.
  2. Collusion, defined as two or more users working together in a 247Bids auction, is prohibited and can result in disabled accounts and canceled orders, without refund.
  3. Only 1 win of the same cryptocurrency with a value price of over $350.00 is allowed over a 7-day time period (e.g. If you win over $350 worth of bitcoin, you can’t participate in an auction for bitcoin for 7 days, however you can still participate in an auction for a different cryptocurrency). 
  4. Only 2 total wins are allowed per week on penny auctions. (Does not include or apply to lowest unique or reveal price auctions)
  5. No bots, macros or any other forms of automation, other than the 247Bids built in bid butler feature, are allowed when using the site.
  6. 247Bids employees and their family members (defined as parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in any 247Bids auctions.

247Bids does allow users who share a household (e.g. a husband and wife, roommates, etc.) to create one account per person within the same household. However, customer accounts that 247Bids deems related are prevented and/or prohibited from participating in the same auction at the same time, regardless of whether or not they are in direct communication with each other. 247Bids takes collusion very seriously as it is harmful to the customer experience; it is continuously monitored and not tolerated.

247Bids defines collusion as two or more user accounts working together in an auction. Failure to comply with these policies can result in disabled accounts and canceled orders.

Important: Breaking the aforementioned rules violates our Site Rules or Terms & Conditions will result in the disabling of any and all of that customer’s accounts. Any cryptocurrency or items won or purchased while in violation of the Site Rules or Terms & Conditions will become VOID and not be fulfilled. Further, refunds will not be processed for the amounts paid for the won auction nor for any bids used to win the auctioned cryptocurrency or items while violating the Terms & Conditions.
Site Rules on Sharing your information:

You authorize 247Bids LLC to share the following information on any and all social media platforms including

  1. Your username,
  2. Your photo or avatar,
  3. Item won,
  4. Total clicks,
  5. Normal, bonus or free bids used to win, buy or participate in an auction,
  6. Total paid or cost of normal bids,
  7. Winning bid amount,
  8. Winning price,
  9. Combined total,
  10. Auction was worth price,
  11. Total savings,
  12. Savings percentage

If you are from the following countries please do not use as it is forbidden for U.S companies.

  • * Belarus,
  • * Congo (Democratic Republic,
  • * Côte d'Ivoire,
  • * Cuba,
  • * Iraq,
  • * Iran, 
  • * Japan,
  • * North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of),
  • * Liberia,
  • * Macedonia,
  • * Myanmar,
  • * Serbia and Montenegro,
  • * Sudan,
  • * Syria,
  • * Venezuela,
  • * Zimbabwe.


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