Reveal Price Auctions

  • Price Reveal Auction represents sub-type of the Dutch auction, a pay-per-bid auction in which the current price of the item auctioned is hidden. Bidders can privately observe the price only by paying a fee, and every time a bidder does so, the price falls by a predetermined amount.
  • Every Reveal Price Auction starts at Retail Value of the item (Auction Worth). each time a user clicks SHOW PRICE the price will drop.

How do Reveal Price Auctions work?

  • Push the Show Price button.
  • The current price will be revealed.
  • Timer counts down from 15 seconds.
  • If the price appeals to you, press the Buy Now button.
  • If you do not like the price, do nothing.
  • Each time the Show Price button is pressed, the price drops.
  • In this scenario, the price drops by $1.00 each time someone presses the Show Price button.
  • Once the price appeals to you, press the Buy Now button.
  • You will be given 30 minutes to complete the purchase.
  • If the purchase is not completed, the auction will continue.

Target Price

  • In the discription of each reveal price auction it will mention a target price, once a target price reached, the auction will not drop any further. 

End Date & Time

  • In the description of each reveal price auction, we will have an end date, if the auction has not sold before end date is met, auction will close without a winner.

Using CoinPayments on This Auction

  • The reason we give 30 minutes to complete your checkout is that coinpayments needs a few confirmations from the coins sent to be marked as paid. Please allow for a minimum of 20 minutes for coinpayments confirmation.



12200 EUNO (EUNO)
25000 Verge (XVG)
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