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50 Bid Credits


Auction ID: 4431

  •   Bid Cost: 1
  •   Auction Worth: $10.00
    At time of auction start
Price: ???

Each time 'Show Price' is pushed, the price will drop by 0.20.

Auctioned Item: 50 Normal Bid Credits
Auction Worth: $10.00

Price Adjustment Per Reveal: $0.20
First Show Price: $9.80
Bid Cost to Reveal: 1
Show Price Time: 15 seconds
Checkout Time: 30 minutes

  1. Push the Show Price button.
  2. The current price will be revealed.
  3. Timer counts down from 15 seconds.
    • If the price appeals to you, press the Buy Now button.
    • If you do not like the price, do nothing.

Accepted Payment on Checkout:

  • Coinpayments: YES

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Disclaimer: All auctions are subject to be canceled without any warning at the site owners discretion. This item will be sent electronically to your Normal Bid Balance 12-48hrs after payment is made. Reveal Price on this auction will not drop below $1.00

Winner of the auction will have to pay the final amount won amount in Cryptocurrency using our checkout process.

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Winner of the auction will get the advertised Bids on this auction credited to account 12-48 hours after payment.

All Sales and Bids are final! Auction winner must pay for the won auction within 7 days of auction ending, unpaid auction will result in 100% loss of winnings and used bids on this auction.  

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