Q: How does this site work?
A:  247bids uses a pay per bid model.  This means that to bid on an auction you must purchase bids prior to bidding on the auction.  The only limit to the supply of bids is how many you can afford to buy. (Please buy responsibility) You then use your supply of bids to try to be the last bidder in an auction you are trying to win.  Every time you click bid, you spend a bid and your bid balance will be deducted by 1 bid.  A predetermined and displayed number of seconds are added to the count down timer.  When the timer reaches “SOLD”, you have won the item.


Q: Why does the timer keep resetting the seconds?

A: The auction(s) clock restarts from 15-25 seconds every time someone bids. Each auction will display how many seconds it will restart when someone bids.


Q: If I bid on an auction and lose, do I get my bids back?
A: No, those bids are gone. You have lost them and any money you spent on them.


Q: Is there a way to get free bids?

A: Yes, you can earn free bids via our Refer a Friend program and by sharing auctions via your social media platforms.  Read more at Earn Free Bids.


Q: Do you offer an affiliate program?
A: Yes, via our Refer a Friend program.


Q: Is there a way to guarantee winning an auction?
A: Not really. The reason you cannot guarantee that you will win is because anyone at any time can start bidding against you and they may be willing to spend more on bids than you.